DXpedition to Kiritimati (Christmas Island)

28 September to 26 October 2011


DXCC Entity:  East Kiribati (T32)                             IOTA: OC-024

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Between 1 and 24 October 2011, thirty eight radio amateurs from 11 countries activated the Island of Kiritimati (Christmas Island) in the Northern Line Islands, a part of the Republic of Kiribati. The DXpedition was organised by the Five Star DXers Association (FSDXA) and operated using the call sign T32C.

Although planning for the DXpedition started over two years previously, not everything went to plan.  A standard 8ft by 8ft by 20ft sea container holding 16 Yaesu FT DX 5000 transceivers, 16 Yaesu VL-1000 linear amplifiers, two 11 KVA diesel generators, the antennas and much, much more shipped from the UK to Christmas Island in February 2011. Although the container landed in Suva (Fiji) in April 2011, it became clear just two weeks prior to the start of the DXpedition that, due to a set of very unfortunate circumstances, it would not make it onto Christmas Island in time.

What to do?  The decision was made to hand carry as much equipment as possible onto the Island and proceed with the DXpedition.  Thanks to a tremendous response from our sponsors, the team members and the amateur radio community, ten brand new Yaesu FT450D transceivers (courtesy of Yaesu), nine linear amplifiers, and sufficient fibreglass poles were rapidly shipped to Honolulu to await hand carrying to Christmas Island.

On 28th September we checked in with Air Pacific for the flight to Christmas Island with approximately 450Kg of excess, yes excess, baggage.  Having boarded the plane we thought nothing else could go wrong.  Not quite true, imagine our response when the captain announced a delay whilst they offloaded some of the cargo because the plane was overweight. Fortunately he chose to remove some commercial freight and not our equipment.

Despite the initial problems we encountered, the DXpedition was a major success making 213,169 QSOs and establishing at least ten new world records.  Additionally we believe it conducted the first ever 6m Earth-Moon-Earth QSOs from T32, as well as the first ever terrestrial QSOs on 6m with Brazil, Paraguay and New Caledonia. 

The QSO breakdown was as follows (new world records highlighted in red)

       Total QSOs  213,169
  Total Uniques  
  CW QSOs    102,216
  SSB QSOs   88,416
  FM QSOs    1,765
  RTTY QSOs   19,225
  PSK31 QSOs   13
  PSK63 QSOs    1,506

1.8 MHz QSOs    4,988
  3.5 MHz QSOs    9,679
  7.0 MHz QSOs    17,572
  10.1 MHz QSOs    16,398
  14.0 MHz QSOs    36,154
  18.0 MHz QSOs    30,402
  21.0 MHz QSOs    35,489
  24.9 MHz QSOs    25,265
  28.0 MHz QSOs    37,091
  50.0 MHz QSOs    110
  Africa QSOs  1,128
  Asia QSOs  
  Europe QSOs 
  North America QSOs 
  Oceania QSOs  
  South America QSOs 

This page only describes briefly the story of the DXpedition; much more detail is contained on the T32C DVD which can be purchased through the website


On 3rd February 2012, 49 weeks after leaving Southampton the container was received back from its world tour. The contents were unpacked, loaned equipment returned to its owners and everything else was cleaned, repacked and restored ready for the next FSDXA DXpedition .

All of the equipment inside the container was in perfect condition and despite being away for 49 weeks, we suffered no damage.


Your QSL card may be in the post.  As of 12 December 2012 cards have been mailed for 70k QSOs (32.8% of all contacts) including those for all donors and for all OQRS requests. 86% of the QSOs have been confirmed direct. 

The first large batch of bureau cards weighing 11 lbs has just been received from the RSGB bureau. Images of the QSL card can be seen by clicking on the card.

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Press Bulletin #10

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  Air Pacific
  Array Solutions
  AY Technologies
  Captain Cook Hotel
  Crystal Radio Systems Ltd 
  DX Engineering
  Frontiers International
  Heil Sound
  OptiBeam GmbH
  Riverside Automation
  Rohde & Schwarz

  The Daily DX



  599 DX Association 

  Albuquerque DXA
  Bracknell ARC
  Canadian DX Group
  Carolina DX Association
  Chippenham & DARC
  Clipperton DX Club
  Cray Valley RS
  Danish DX Group
Delta DX Association
  Dominion DX Group
  Echelford ARS
  Furness ARS
  GMDX Group
  GPDX Portuguese DX Group
  Gwinnett ARS
  Havering & District ARC
  Italian DX Group
  LA-DX Group
  Mile High DXA
  Newbury & District ARS
  Norfolk Amateur Radio Club
  North Alabama DXC
  North Fulton AR League
  Northern Ohio DXA
  Orkney ARC
  PJ7E Team
  Pafos Amateur Radio Club (CARS)
  Passau DX Group
  Radio Club Henares
  Reading & District ARC
  Ripon & District ARS
  Shefford & District ARS 
  South Dublin Radio Club
  Southeastern DXC
  SouthEast Michigan DXA
  SouthWest Ohio DXA
  "SS Shieldhall"
  Stockport Radio Society
  Swindon & DARC
  Swiss DX Foundation
  Tennessee Valley DX Association
  Twin City DX Association
  Verulam ARC
  Virginia DX Century Club
  Western New York DXA
  Wey Valley ARG
  Windmill Contest Group


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